$500 CASH Lash Contest!

March 27, 2019 1 Comment

You can win up to $500 by creating TUTORIAL videos where @AshlynCoco will pick THE best videos for us to feature on our Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter:

  • ONE STRIP NAKED Undies winner will win $250 CASH!
  • A collection winner will win $500 CASH! (We may pick more depending on entries!)
  • Honorable mention will receive a Lash Kit Voucher of $150 in product. (8 total)
  • All winners will be added to our VIP list & receive first dibs proprietary NEW products, announcements & discounts for the remainder of 2019! (15 total)

Suggestions & Questions For each collection set:

  • Talk about the lash(es) in detail. (What do you love? Etc.)
  • What kind of girl would wear the lash(es)?
  • What occasion would you wear the lash(es)?
  • How to take care of the lash(es)?
  • How do you apply the lash(es)?
  • How do you remove the lash(es)?
  • What are your care tips for this collection of lash(es)?
  • When to order more of the lash(es)? (Explain the # of uses, etc.)
  • Submissions - TAG @ashlashofficial& EMAIL nico.n@ash-lash.com to be considered.
Which lash/lashes are you featuring?
Which lash/lashes will win?
CHIME IN! Comment below!


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April 04, 2019

I will be featuring the sad girl collection! ♡

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