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VAMPIRA® Deadly Deluxe

A trick-or-treat trio! The official & only VAMPIRA® lash has been carefully designed to replicate Vampira's spooky - yet sultry, signature lashes from the 1950s Old Hollywood era. With the most wickedly-long wings yet, the drama of this lash is designed to cast a beautiful shadow, specifically seen in Vampira's iconic black & white photographs. With a subtle yet spiky front, this lash continues into extreme cat-eyed ends, with the ability to customize & cut/curl to your liking. 

*Limited Edition Coffin Bundle! Comes with:
  • 1 VAMPIRA® lash 
  • 1 Signature AshLash® gold lash applicator 
  • 1  "Rollo" rhinestone encrusted, novelty spider safety-pin brooch
*TIP: For the most authentic Vampira look, models are wearing the lashes trimmed. Cut either 1-2 of the sections off the end, to achieve this look.
  • Full Volume Glamour
  • 19mm flared ends
  • Customize-able 
  • 3D Faux Mink
  • Thin band
  • 100% handcrafted. 
  • Boxes made of recyclable materials