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DIAL - an anagram for Dalí? This newest collection draws inspiration from the iconic, first collaboration of Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí from 1935 (...and the rest was history - literally!) Our "Dialtone Demis" collection will not only imbue a tone of surrealism with its smart design when carried, but it also serves as a functional work of art - just like the original had intended. Carry your lashes, or powder your nose, as each dial compact comes complete with a mirror, making it all the more magical. (Don't forget to peel off protective film to unveil the mirror beneath)

Now - let's put the spotlight on these surrealism-styled, segmented lashes themselves. These cluster lashes are carefully cut and crafted into dreamy, demi pieces. Time to get bizarre! Whether you place two demis on the outer corner for a soft half lash look, go for a bold bottom lash look, or even go full across the top, mixing & matching - rest assured, any Old Hollywood or Avant-garde lash look is achievable within these magical little dial compacts!

SURREALIST is inspired by our dreams, with a touch of bizzare! Having a pronounced curl pattern, this segmented lash provides the incredible ability to reproduce any eyelid of a 1930s film starlet, or babydoll eye. With its authentic upward curvature and extra dark fibers, this set is a must for all demi lash lovers. To have such a style, truly makes this set so SURREAL.


  • Soft Volume Glamour
  • Segmented, cut pieces
  • Silk material
  • Thin band
  • 100% handcrafted.