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☏DIAL - an anagram for Dalí? This newest collection draws inspiration from the iconic, first collaboration of Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí from 1935 (...and the rest was history - literally!) Our "Dialtone Demis" collection will not only imbue a tone of surrealism with its smart design when carried, but it also serves as a functional work of art - just like the original had intended. Carry your lashes, or powder your nose, as each dial compact comes complete with a mirror, making it all the more magical. (Don't forget to peel off protective film to unveil the mirror beneath)




Now - let's put the spotlight on these surrealism-styled, segmented lashes themselves. These cluster lashes are carefully cut and crafted into dreamy, demi pieces. Time to get bizarre! Whether you place two demis on the outer corner for a soft half lash look, go for a bold bottom lash look, or even go full across the top, mixing & matching - rest assured, any Old Hollywood or Avant-garde lash look is achievable within these magical little dial compacts!




 Could you imagine if our "Debutante" lash went Dialtone Demi? Introducing: SOPHIA! What better way to pay homage to a favorite iconic brunette, featuring dimensional tones of just that - Brunette! Similar to DEBUTANTE, this fluffy lash is full of flare, and features natural lighter tones, subtly woven in. This Brunette beauty boasts fuller sections than our other demis, and is perfect for the iconic feline flick made famous by sirens of the past. Not limited to your lash line, place these segments on any elevated edge you draw, and you can create any lash look!







Soft Volume Glamour


Segmented, cut pieces


Silk material


Thin band


100% handcrafted. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review